Why waste time and money on marginal or incomplete original heads when you can purchase a SUPERIOR reproduction?

Conversion Kit Includes:

Complete Stud Set Springs 2 Water Necks
1 Valley Cover 2 Heads Fully Machined with Guides and Seats Installed 2 Rocker Covers
Mechanical Lifters Rocker Stands, Barrel Drilled Rocker Shafts, Bushings and Springs Competition Hardened Intake and Exhaust Valves
Spark Well Tubes with Original Style Knurled Retainers Adjustable Intake and Exhaust Rocker Arms Adjustable Intake and Exhaust Pushrods
Exhaust Block Off Plates


Incredible Reproduction Accuracy All Parts Fully CNC Machined Mechanically and Cosmetically Superior to Originals
Parts Interchangeability With Originals Aluminum Parts Cast in High Grade ALCOA 356 Aluminum Aluminum Parts Heat Treated
to T-6 Specification
Aluminum roller tip intake and exhaust rockers, with built-in oiling holes to lubricate valve tip and push rod cup,
Individually X-Rayed and Heat-Treated to Guarantee Performance

Additional Production Features

Hardened Valves and Seats For Use with Unleaded Fuels   Valve Springs that Facilitate Increased Valve Lift
All Head Studs Produced by ARP to Standards Exceeding Originals Improved Small Block Chevrolet Valve Keepers Mechanical Lifters of Superior Design
Greater Rocker Arm Adjustability Due to Increased Length of Adjustment Screws Spark Plugs Holes Extend into the Hemispherical Combustion Chambers, Thus Eliminating the Need for Advanced Ignition Timing


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